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Periodontal Care

Advanced Periodontal Care in Homer Glen, IL

Dentistry And Orthodontics for The Entire Family offers laser-assisted periodontal care to maximize both effectiveness and comfort during treatment. Gum health is an important aspect of keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. If you are experiencing symptoms of gum disease or other oral soft-tissue concerns, our experienced dental team can help.

What is Laser-Assisted Dentistry?

Laser dentistry allows our team to pinpoint unviable tissue that needs to be removed without disrupting the surrounding healthy tissue. This precision means less stress on the tissues themselves, effective treatment, and little to no bleeding. Compared to traditional soft-tissue surgery, these features lead to far less discomfort, and quicker healing times.

Our Homer Glen Gum Disease Treatment Options

Dentistry And Orthodontics for The Entire Family has the expertise and technology to address any of your periodontal concerns. Some of our most common services include the following:

Root Planing and Scaling – Once plaque and tartar have reached below the gum line periodontal disease has begun. We thoroughly clear out damaging bacteria and debris and prescribe antibiotic therapy when needed.
Soft-Tissue Grafting – receding gums indicate that the loss of vital soft-tissue is occurring. Intervention is crucial to prevent potential tooth loss. In this procedure, our dentists move healthy soft tissue to unhealthy areas, to promote new healthy tissue growth.
Bone Grafting – if you have lost bone mass due to the prolonged absence of teeth and require bone grafting prior to dental implant placement, our specialist provides this treatment and also places implants.
Crown Lengthening and Gum Contouring – These procedures are similar in that gum tissue is removed to reveal more of the tooth. Crown lengthening is typically used to prepare one or more teeth for restoration. Gum contouring removes extra gum tissue when it rests too high, making teeth look short. This condition is often referred to as a gummy smile. 
Gingivectomy - This treatment is similar to crown lengthening but is used to treat infection and other oral health concerns.
Frenectomies – For babies born with a tight lingual frenulum, “tongue-tie,” we offer a simple and fast procedure to correct this condition to provide natural mobility for your child’s tongue.

Receiving Periodontal Care in Homer Glen can Improve your Overall Health

Gum disease can strike anyone and has often progressed to a serious stage by the time patients realize there is a problem. Our dentist is committed to providing comprehensive dental care that includes maximizing gum health. As stated, this is vital to maintaining a healthy smile. However, there is more at stake. Recent studies have determined a strong relationship between oral health and overall well-being.

For those with gum disease, the risk of these conditions is significantly increased

  • Lung Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • Premature birth

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